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2. A OTA upgrade from Maemo 5 > Maemo 6/Harmatten might be doable since both use .debs but Maemo 5 > MeeGo is a no-go because of .deb vs .rpm packaging. 3. The Windows variant of MTR is made available through a program called WinMTR.

Mtr no gtk support. sorry

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Steps to Reproduce: 1. Boot with kernel command line ipv6.disable=1 2. Run mtr localhost Actual results: # xmtr localhost Unable to allocate IPv6 socket for nameserver communication: Address family not supported by protocol [1] 31171 exit 255 xmtr localhost Expected results: Usual mtr output. Under Linux you have two options: First is to run the program as the "root" user. That's the "sudo su - " option.

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HOST: Blizzard: Sorry to hear that! We'd like to know what's wrong. 2019-03-18 How to install and launch MTR and a brief introduction to reading MTR results.

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You don't want to waste space on useless packages and X server if you don't really need it. Offline. I also tried to compile it with GTK+, at first am trapped at linking stage for mtr.exe, $ make make all-am make[1]: Install mtr and mtr-gtk packages, and read the mtr manpage you find out that there is a gtk version if you do "mtr -g". Typing mtr -g however just gives you back a command prompt.

Mtr no gtk support. sorry

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The mtr package includes support for the X-11 graphical interface. Install MTR on CentOS/Fedora: yum install mtr trying to compile and use MTR, there is no need for automake. Just when you're messing with the configure and build system of: mtr is automake a tool you need.

> > As an example, some people want vim with GTK support and some don't.
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/srv/logs.www/freenode/2008/04/21/#ubuntu-se.log - Ubottu

If it is harder for you, your computer is misconfigured, or there is a problem with mtr that we should take care of. Please report this kind of problems.

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/srv/logs.www/freenode/2008/04/21/#ubuntu-se.log - Ubottu

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